Effective Cyber Security Strategy

March 2019

Many organisations have had, and in some cases many, historic cyber security assessments and gap analysis performed on their controls. They have studied relevant cyber security standards and regulations. They have implemented technology and written policies. But they don’t have a clear idea of why they are doing what they are doing, or are able to determine when they have done enough.

• What is the end game?

• What does a successful cybersecurity posture look like?

• What level of effort, resource and approach is relevant and needed for your organisation?

In this report, Nettitude will show you how to develop an overarching cyber security strategy, which is pragmatic, relevant and measurable.

Building the right approach to an effective cyber security strategy sounds simple, but is often much harder in practice. Nettitude has helped countless organisations (large and small) develop their cyber security posture, defence and response as well as their governance and assessments of their assurance levels. This experience has shown that it is fundamentally critical to ensure that time is taken to develop a longer term vision of what ‘good’ looks like for your organisation, especially in relation to cyber threats. It’s vital that this vision is clearly articulated, has board level engagement and is appropriate and relevant to the threats faced. 

In this report, we cover the essentials of developing an overarching cyber security strategy. This is essential in ensuring you can achieve the right level of cyber security assurance needed for your organisation.

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