The Current Threat Landscape: 

January 2023

Ransomware has been around for over a decade. This threat category is a type of malicious software (malware) that has resulted in catastrophic financial, reputational, and operational consequences for organisations worldwide. This problem continues to grow.

This report looks at the current threat landscape, ransomware's history and evolution, and compares the trends from 2021 to 2022.

While the majority of ransomware is known to enumerate the file system of infected devices and encrypt individual files, the capabilities and manner in which data and entire devices are compromised and victims are enticed to pay the ransom has continued to evolve. This type of malware has been and continues to be, very profitable with varying levels of effort required to develop, maintain, and successfully spread to affect the greatest number of potential victims possible.

This paper explores:

  • The Evolution of Ransomware
  • History of Major Ransomware Families/Strains
  • 2021 Ransomware Trends
  • 2022 Ransomware Trends

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