Held to ransom by your own computers - September 2016.png
Held to ransom by
your own computers?
Threat Intelligence Briefing | September 2016

“A cybersecurity CEO says the problem of ransomware is now so bad that banks are buying
cryptocurrency so that they’re ready to pay off criminals if their files are held to ransom." - UK Business Insider Magazine

Cyberattacks are increasingly common as we know. The media is full of the latest events and attacks. Although the hype and interest is often around the highly sophisticated threat actors and their abilities to compromise complex environments and systems, for many people the impact of ransomware has become the immediate issue at hand.

The overall threat level for this group is low due to the level of sophistication and low-skilled tools in use. However, the activity levels are very high. Organisations within this target group, and those who have strong associations to the sector, have a heightened likelihood that this threat group could target them in coming days.

This is an issue that could very easily and conceivably be on any CISO/CIO/IT Manager’s desk on Monday morning within their own organisation.

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