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Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
October 2016

2016 has so far been the year of ransomware. Not a day goes by without some reference to a company or organization who have found themselves held to mercy by criminals seeking to extort financial gain from their victims. The prevalence and variety of this crime is disturbing. Unfortunately, it will be here to stay for some while longer. The low cost of running such a criminal enterprise compared to the potential returns, makes this a highly lucrative venture with little risk. Social engineering attacks and insider threats also pose credible risks. Companies are constantly needing to protect themselves against cyber and physical threats actors alike.

What can you expect to find in this report?

This latest issue of the Nettitude Cyber Threat Intelligence Briefing Report explores several interesting themes. We explore the intricacies of a botnet operation, providing insights into how software engineers may improve their products by focusing on key aspects of security.

We examine the ways in which threat actors may attempt to hide their activity and malicious code itself, through obfuscation and deception. The ongoing data captured by Nettitude’s global network of honeypots sheds light on the main protagonists and the services that they are looking to

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