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Marine and Offshore Cyber Briefing: Technical assessment of a recent malicious email campaign against the maritime sector

Are your email habits putting you at risk? Email is one of the most common means of communication but is also an easily and widely abused system for providing entry points for attackers into our organisations. Nettitude uncovered a recent maritime campaign focused on manipulating behaviours and common industry practices to deliver malicious payloads and compromise networks. Learn how to spot this type of attack and how best to respond.

Sometimes it feels like everything runs on email. We all know we get far too many each day, and crucial information is constantly being sent back and forth between individuals and companies. It has become so common that often we don’t stop to question whether it is the most effective way of carrying out a task, and whether it is exposing us to harm.

Criminals know this, and Nettitude tracks the ways in which they have been attempting to leverage common scenarios where the maritime industry shares information by email. We have uncovered an ongoing campaign which has been emulating the common messages sent between ships, agents and ports to attempt to trick users into opening malicious documents.

This report gives an overview of what the attackers were trying to do and how they were going about it. We then provide some guidance on how you can respond to this and what you should be doing to protect yourselves from this type of attack. We also then include a deep dive into the technical capabilities and methods used to give insight into how malicious threat actors are operating.

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