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Operation Icarus Threat Intelligence Briefing
August 2016

“Operation Icarus” has been in progress since 2011 but in May 2016 phase 2 of Anonymous campaigns began. Motivated by disrupting major global banking entities that are perceived to be involved in activities to which they object, the hacktivist group Anonymous announced a concentrated 30-day campaign of attacks against named targets. Subsequently, on 4th June 2016, Phase 3 of that operation began and has since posed a regular threat.

They have a stated intent to disrupt the services of central banks and key financial organisations and a number have been targeted in recent days by this group. Their primary method of operation is through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This briefing provides the background, status and recommended actions for organisations concerned

Overall Threat Level

The overall threat level for this group is low due to the level of sophistication and low-skilled tools in use. However, the activity levels are very high. Organisations within this target group, and those who have strong associations to the sector, have a heightened likelihood that this threat group could target them in coming days.

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