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Perception: 2016
Financial Services Cyber Threat Briefing Report

Welcome to the first edition of the new regular cyber threat intelligence briefing for the financial sector from Nettitude.  Containing informative, relevant and timely information about current threat actors and their activities. This report is designed to help you address the risks faced by your organisation. It is available as a bi-monthly subscription with an added section focused on your threat surface and specific threat actors that may be targeting you.

The media and mainstream news is full of conversation and hype about the cyber threats faced by organisations. But what is actually going on? What does your organisation need to know about and what do you need to be changing, acting on or considering in relation to the cyber security threat to the financial services sector?

The UK is leading the world in its approach to cyber assurance within the financial services sector. The Bank of England’s CBEST programme has highlighted the vital role that Threat Intelligence has to play in gaining the right levels of assurance within our organisations. Building our testing and assurance work around real, credible threat scenarios, and then simulating these attacks, provides a far higher level of confidence in knowing how an organisation would detect, respond and recove, if this was a real life attack. 

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