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Perception: Q1 2018
Financial Services Cyber Threat Briefing Report

Welcome to the latest edition of PERCEPTION the cyber threat intelligence briefing for the financial services sector from Nettitude and edited by Dr Jules Pagna Disso. The briefing report contains informative, relevant and timely information about the cyber threat landscape, current threat actors and recent activities. The report is designed to help you address the cyber risks faced by your organization . Customized cyber threat reports are also available on a regular subscription from Nettitude . They include focused areas on your organization’s attack surface as well as specific information on the threat actors that may be targeting you

What can you expect to find in this report?

Nettitude’s research team work hard to stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber industry. This report looks at the current threat landscape and how it could affect your business. We’ve also given you a quick guide for getting ready for GDPR, whether Blockchain can revolutionize the banking industry and we’ve also taken a look at Advanced Persistence Threats and remediation against them. Whether you work in the finance sector, or you’re just interested in reading about the latest news and activities within the cyber industry we think this report is great for you. Here's a breakdown of what you will find in the report:

  • Cyber Activity News within Financial Services 
  • Threat Landscape
  • Getting ready for GDPR
  • Can Blockchain revolutionize the banking industry? 
  • How Blockchain technology is disrupting the banking sector
  • Remediation against Advanced Persistence Threats 


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